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Graduate Information Literacy Skills : PG 6009  video [video]

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Unit 1  Monday 13th morning

Unit 2  Monday 13th afternoon

Unit 3  Tuesday 14th morning

Unit 4  Tuesday 14th afternoon

Unit 5  Wednesday 15th morning

Unit 6  Wednesday 15th afternoon

Unit 7  Thursday 16th morning

Learn how to:

Subject Guides:

Subject resources and other links, chosen by Librarians, to assist you in finding quality information in your area of interest:

Writing Skills:

How to write a literature review

Excellent guide from the Emerald database; includes sections on:

See also

Writing Skills from Oxford Dictionaries Pro:
Clear, straightforward guidance and tips for good English writing, from spelling rules and tricky grammar points to how to avoid jargon.

Last updated: 03 February 2017