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Submission of Exam Papers: Basic Guidelines                                Exam Papers Main Page

Please send all exam papers to this address:


In order to speed up the process of loading exam papers, please send the papers in PDF format if possible.  Word documents can be easily converted to pdf format.  See for relevant information.  If pdf format is not a viable option then MSWord is the preferred option. 

Always send the papers separately i.e. as individual files; not as one large file.
You can send multiple files (papers) with each email but as each exam paper needs to be treated separately, they need to be individual files.
3. Summer and Autumn papers should be segregated into individual files.
4. Remove all password protection before sending the papers to the Library.
Many departments reuse the MCQ portions of the exam papers.  Remember to remove MCQs from the exam papers before sending the papers to the Library.

Some departments submit papers as hard copies and then some come electronically from individual lecturers.  In order to speed up the process of loading the papers it is preferable to receive papers in electronic format where possible. 
If a paper has questions from several lecturers please only send a copy of the final version of the entire paper.
Where possible please submit all exam papers through one central person in the department so that any queries/questions which may arise can be put to one person in each department.
Only send papers after the students have taken the exam. For example, do not send Autumn papers at the beginning of June with the Summer papers.
An email is sent to the person submitting the exam papers once they are loaded and ready to view. Due to the large volume of papers received we are not in a position to review content. It is the responsibility of the person submitting to check content and to ensure everything is in order.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Author: Boole Library, University College Cork.

Last Updated: 05 September 2008