ScienceDirect to cease support of Internet Explorer 8 on January 1, 2016

A reminder to all Library users that ScienceDirect will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 from January 1, 2016.

Anyone who uses the ScienceDirect database is advised to update Internet Explorer, or to use an alternative browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

The reasons for this change are outlined in a statement from ScienceDirect below.

Why are we ceasing upport of IE8?

We are following Microsoft’s directive to focus our support on newer, officially-supported IE browser versions. Microsoft announced in 2014 that, as of January 2016, it would only support the most recent IE browser version with technical support and security updates. We strongly encourage our customers to follow Microsoft’s directive as well by updating to more recent versions of IE. Additionally, users can move to the latest versions of the Chrome or Firefox browsers for an optimal ScienceDirect experience.

By removing IE8 from our support list, we will be able to provide the following future enhancements:

  • Remove current IE8 security issues
  • Enhance existing security measures across all browsers
  • Add support for new browser technologies
  • Add responsive design to aid use of ScienceDirect across devices
  • Improve accessibility to better enable access to people with diverse abilities

Last updated: 12 October 2015