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Is there material relating to family history in Special Collections and will staff assist with a family history query?
Sources for family history in the Boole Library are listed in Sources for 17th to 19th century historical studies in the Boole Library, UCC. The Library is not in a position to undertake family history searches, but access is allowed out of term to researchers wishing to undertake such searches themselves.  Researchers interested in family history should first consult the National Archives of Ireland web site (www.nationalarchives.ie) which offers a comprehensive guide to genealogical research in Ireland.

Where are Special Collections and Archives located?
The Special Collections and Archives services are located in the Q-1 area (basement) of the Boole Library.

Is access to archival collections restricted to staff and students of UCC?
No, anyone with a genuine research need is facilitated within the stated opening hours. All researchers are required to fill out an Access Application Form which will be supplied to them by the Archivist. Access to the archival collections is by prior appointment only.

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Can material in Special Collections be borrowed?
No, material in Special Collections is for reference only.

Can material in Special Collections be photocopied?
Photocopying is carried out by staff only and there is a charge of 50c per copy. Photocopies will not be made in cases where the material is deemed too fragile or when such use will adversely affect the physical preservation of the item involved.

What is the Robert Schuman European Documentation Centre?
The Boole Library contains a designated European Documentation Centre awarded by the Commission of the European Communities in 1973, for the publications of the European Communities. It is located within the Law Library on the Q+2 floor of the Library.

Where are the Law, Official Publications and Robert Schuman European Documentation collections located?

The Law Library, OPC and the Robert Schuman EDC are located on the Northern side of Q+2 floor, Boole Library.

Can material in Official Publications and European Documentation Collections be borrowed?
No, all material in Official Publications and European Documentation Collections is for reference only.

Where is Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library located?
The Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library is located within the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, College Road, Cork.

Where is the Hospital Library located?
The Hospital Library is located on the first floor of the Cork University Hospital.

Where are the past exam papers kept?
Examination papers from 1995 are available in print form in the photocopying room on Q Floor.  Exam papers from 2000 are available online.

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How many books may I borrow?
Members of staff - 25 items for 6 weeks.
Doctoral Postgraduates - 12 items for 4 weeks.
Other Postgraduates - 10 items for 2 weeks.
Undergraduates - 6 items for 2 weeks.
External Readers - 4 items for 2 weeks.
All short loan books are for 5 days only. External Readers may not borrow short loan or High Demand Collection material.

Where is the High Demand Collection located?
Books which are essential course reading are located at the High Demand Collection area on Q Floor of the Boole Library.  You may choose your book and issue it to yourself at the High Demand Collection self-issue machine. It is available for consultation within the Library and may be borrowed for a period of 4 hours. External Readers may not borrow High Demand Collection material.

What are the charges on overdue materials
A fine of 50c per item per day exists on overdue materials for all patrons. Overdue High Demand items (over 4 hours) are charged at €1.00 per hour to a maximum of €30.00.

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How do I renew my books?
Standard Loan (2 week loan) books may be renewed twice, in person, by telephone +353-21-4902292 or using My Library Account on the Library homepage. Books may be recalled if they are required by another reader.

How do I reserve a book?
You may reserve a standard/short loan book which is on loan to another patron by requesting the item on the Library Catalogue. High Demand Collection material may not be reserved.

How long can short loan books be borrowed for?
Short Loan Books are identified by a yellow label on the spine, may be borrowed for 5 days and are not renewable.

How do I pay a fine?
Return all items through the Returns Unit and come to the Library & IT Desk on Q Floor. Laser Cards and Credit Cards are not accepted.

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What is 'Store Request Required'?

This status will appear on the Library Catalogue when an Item is located in the Library Store. The item will have to be reserved. You will receive an email when the item is available for collection.

What does ‘recalled’ mean?

If you have borrowed an item and another student places a hold on it, then the item will be recalled. This means that you will not be able to renew it or you may have to return it earlier, you will receive an email notifying you of any changes to the due date.

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How do I create a PIN?
To create a PIN (personal identity number) select the option My Library Account on any PC. Enter your name and student/staff number. You will then be asked to enter a PIN. The PIN must consist of at least six characters, a combination of letters and numbers.  If you forget your PIN, click the 'forgot your pin' button on the Library homepage.

If I lose my ID where do I go?
Lost ID's are kept in a file at the Library & IT Desk.

Can I access the databases from off-campus?
You can access the Electronic Resources from off-campus. You will be required to enter your name, student/Staff I.D. number and a PIN (Personal Identity Number). If you encounter any problems with your PIN, please contact the Library & IT Desk or browse the 'How do I?' section on creating a PIN. If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact the Library & IT Desk at +353-21-4902292 or email library@ucc.ie. Database licences preclude External Readers from accessing databases from off-campus.

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Who can become an external reader?
External Reader Access is open to non members of UCC who are engaged in scholarly research.  Each application will be assessed individually.  More information and application forms are available here.

What is the Inter-Library Loan service?
The Boole Library borrows books and journals from other libraries for UCC staff and students through its Inter-Library Loan service. This facility is also on offer to registered External Readers with borrowing rights for essential and otherwise unobtainable material.

Where can I find the latest newspapers?
Current newspapers are available for consultation on the stands in the foyer of the Boole Library (through the entrance and on the left hand side).  Back issues are kept in store and may be ordered through the Library & IT Desk. Some newspapers are available on microfilm but must be requested 48hrs in advance.

What are your opening hours?
Boole Library, Hospital Library & Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library opening hours.

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Where can I make photocopies?
There are photocopiers on the ground (Q) floor in the Copy Room (through the entrance and turn right) of the Boole Library.  There are copiers on all floors of the Boole Library and in Boston Scientific Health Sciences and CUH Libraries.  There are colour photocopiers on Q+3 and Q Floors of the Boole and in the basement of BSHSL.  Colour photocopiers can also print B/W and are enabled to photocopy A3 in either B/W or colour mode.

Photocopies can be made using your student/staff ID card once it has been enabled as a smartcard.  See http://smartcard.ucc.ie/ for more details.

Where can I get information about my subject?
There are subject librarians in the Boole Library, at the Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library and at the Cork University Hospital Library.

Q-1 floor : Special Collections, Rare Books, Theses
Q+1 floor : Science, Technology, Pre-Clinical Medicine
Q+2 floor : Law, Social Sciences, Business, Official Publications, European Documentation
Q+3 floor : Humanities, The Arts, Geography, History, Literature
Boston Scientific Health Sciences Library: Nursing, Health Sciences
Cork University Hospital : Medicine

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Last updated: 19 July 2016

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