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SCONUL Access is a scheme which allows many university library users to borrow or use books and journals at other libraries which belong to the scheme. The scheme covers most of the university libraries in the UK and Ireland.

If you are:

  • an academic or support staff
  • a postgraduate research student registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification
  • or a full-time postgraduate degree student

you may be able to borrow from other college or university libraries.

For details of the SCONUL Access scheme please go to:

Application Procedure

  • Fill in the online Application Form
  • Once your application is approved, UCC Library will send you a confirmation email.
  • This email can be printed and used as an introduction to any of the libraries in the scheme.
  • You can use the same email to apply to different  libraries; you do not have to submit an online application each time you want to join a new host library.
  • take a copy of your confirmation e-mail with you when you go to the library you want to visit, along with your UCC ID card

Please Note:

  • Check the list of members on the SCONUL Access site to ensure that the Institution you are visiting accepts your Band of user.
  • Take both your SCONUL Access Confirmation email and your UCC ID Card along with you. 
  • The Library you are visiting will issue you with a Library Card, which will have the same expiry date as your SCONUL Access Card or local regulations may mean that it will be issued for a lesser period.
  • Check the Catalogue of the Library you are visiting to ensure that they have the material you require.
  • Your Library Account must be clear of fines and overdue items before a SCONUL Access Card can be issued.
  • Before you visit the Library of another institution we advise that you familiarise yourself with any local arrangements. These include, opening hours, rules and regulations, store/depository procedures, procedures for viewing theses, layout of the campus or any other relevant information.
  • If you think you may need specialist help during your visit, it is best to contact the relevant libraries in advance.

When you visit other University Libraries under the SCONUL Access scheme you will be subject to their rules and regulations, which may differ from UCC Library. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with those regulations as any serious infringement of them may result in the imposition of penalties on your UCC Library accoutn.

Please check the UCC Library Catalogue and talk to the Subject Staff to ensure we do not have access to the material you require. Access to material not held in UCC Library can also be gained through Inter Library Loans.

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Last updated: 03 October 2013

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