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Equipment: October 2015

Special Collections has acquired two ScanPro 3000 microform reader/scanners. These machines are compact and feature high-resolution optics and fast, high-resolution scanning at all magnifications. Cutting edge software, including advanced OCR technology lets the user automatically locate selected words on the microform and link to secondary sources of information when doing research. With a single click word searchable PDFs can be created and saved to memory sticks. No printers are linked to either machine in order to be as green as possible.


The machines are currently set up for students, staff and external readers who have registered for a computer account. There is no charge to operate a ScanPro3000.  


Special Collections now has two microform readers, four microform reader/printers and two microform reader/scanners. Microform encompasses microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.


In order to give all users equal opportunity on the microform reader/scanners timed slots will be in operation. To reserve using any of the microform machines please contact Special Collections: specialcollections@ucc.ie  or 021 490 2282.

Last updated: 28 October 2015

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