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UCC has an automated book return machine. This is the first of its kind in Ireland and not only returns items but also sorts them into various sections for re-shelving.

The Booksorter is located to the right of the Library & IT Desk on Q floor. All items except items from the High Demand Collection should be returned through this machine.

Touch the screen where it says “start” to initiate your transaction. The screen will turn green. start



Place the book face up on the belt with the barcode at the furthest away end. The book will be taken into the machine.

The screen will turn amber and tell you to wait.


If you attempt to put another book in too quickly the screen will turn red and eject the book. If the book is not facing in the correct direction the same will happen.

The items you have returned will be listed on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

quitsmall When you have returned all your items you can finish by touching the screen.
Overdue items should also be returned in this manner. When you have returned all items come to the Library & IT Desk with your card and pay any outstanding fines. returnreceiptsmall

Sometimes the Booksorter cannot take a book because the barcode is damaged, missing or in the wrong location. Please return these items at the Library & IT Desk.

Books can also be returned out of hours to the Book Bin in the Quadrangle Reading Room. You will need a valid Library ID to enter this room.


Last updated: 31 May 2016

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