Accessing UCC Library > UCC Students

As a student of UCC you are entitled to use the UCC Library.  At Registration all students are issued with a Student Card. This Card is also your Library Card and must be used to gain entry to all UCC Libraries.  You must have your card with you at all times.  This card is non-transferrable and must not under any circumstances be given to another person to gain entry to the Library; this is considered an offence under the Library Regulations (L.O.7).

UCC Library operates a No Card - No Entry policy.

  • If your student card is lost or broken it must be replaced immediately.
  • New cards are available from the Student Records and Examinations Office.
  • Please report any lost or stolen cards to the Library & IT Desk, Q Floor, Boole Library.
  • There is no charge for replacement if the card is broken due to normal wear and tear. 
  • If a card is lost, there is a €20 charge for a replacement.

Last updated: 03 March 2014